Acid Jazz - The Rebirth & Nolle Scagss - This Journey In (2005)


THE REBIRTH - This Journey In [Kajmere Sound 2005]

"I do not claim to be perfect in any way... I just allow my blessings to come through unfiltered,... and walk my path with the intent on being great." - NOELLE SCAGGS

The Rebirth, a Los Angeles-based Acid Jazz/Soul group, have been quietly existing under-the-radar since their first album This Journey In was released in 2005. In the compelling 11-track album called “This Journey In” recorded in the band’s hometown of Los Angeles, The Rebirth matches its musical vitality with a gift for lucid poetry and songwriting, creating a rich sound built on an organic blend of new and traditional soul, hip-hop, jazz and funk. These elements make the group’s music both highly progressive and a throwback to the classic soul bands like: Earth, Wind & Fire, Pleasure, Rotary Connection, Side Effect and Roy Ayers Music Project a/k/a/ Ramp... As proof of this, peep their homage to Stevie Wonder's Songs In The Key of Life on the cover art of their album above.